My Omega Project

TODO: link to @dominictarr on “What is an Omega Project” once he publishes something

TODO add: an Omega Project is like a personal narrative

TODO add: personal experiences that made me feel as part of a larger body of humans (the core narrative of my Omega Project), e.g. Occupy, Cloyne

My Omega Project is to design, develop, and deploy simple, modular, and decentralized technical infrastructure for fractal socio-economic systems.

graveyard of the past

for those who haven’t noticed, the list of my GitHub repos is somewhat of my personal project graveyard. here’s some that embody my Omega Project:

  • unbazaar: an unhosted marketplace for local production
  • holonomy: the hive mind economy

i also worked on Cobudget for a while, until i realized the short-term direction of the project wasn’t helping me make progress towards my Omega Project.

current mad science

  • Value Flows: linked open data vocabularies for socio-economic systems of fractal networks
  • Holodex: an app for people, groups, and the relationships in-between

next-up plan

my current plan of action is to develop and deploy modular apps based on our Value Flows’s simple socio-economic vocabularies. Holodex is the first deliverable along this path, which aims to support Enspiral’s Open OS as well as any other organizing systems that people design.

vision of the future

TODO add: we are all one consciousness. e.g. global human society as a single bee hive. what would an outside observer think of our society?

if this sounds interesting and you want to join me as a collaborator, let me know. =^.^=


life as a hippie hacker

patterns of consciousness in a sea of matter