Life As A Visionary

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I’ve come to realize I have a personality type that can perhaps be described as a visionary.

Who Is A Visionary?

Alan Kay, in his talk “Normal Considered Harmful”, describes a course generalization of personality types:

Based on his description, I define a visionary as someone who is:

  • driven by internal forces instead of external approval from others
  • interested in tools and systems for their own sake instead of how they can be used to achieve goals

What To Do As A Visionary?

Visionaries are especially susceptible to what Dominic Tarr calls ‘Omega Projects’, which are projects that are

  • the best idea ever
  • going to save the world
  • only understood by you

How do we achieve such a project? The naive approach is the ‘cave method’: live in a cave until you are done. Yeah, nah. The better approach is the ‘mad science method’: create small but maybe useful sub-projects and continually review with peers.

In order to succeed a visionary, it’s important to not fall into the trap of living in a cave. We may be able to invent new ways of thinking, but that’s nothing but vapor until anyone implements something useful in that new way. This is why it’s critical to surround yourself with the other (grossly generalized) personality type: do-ers, the types of people who can scale a positive experiment into a mass movement.

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